"Path of the Kalimba" Instrument Pack
  • "Path of the Kalimba" Instrument Pack
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"Path of the Kalimba" Instrument Pack

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This is an authentic Multisampled recording of a Kalimba - an African idiophone comprised of metal reeds that are plucked by the thumbs. This pack includes:

  • Path of the Kalimba Instrument Rack (Royalty Free)

    - Includes 8 Different Presets
  • 22 Royalty-Free MIDI clips to get you started

  • 3 Royalty-Free Drum loops made of processed "Path of the Kalimba" racks

  • 1 Premium beat (Royalty -free courtesy of Pathtonic), including the .als project file

  • 23 minutes of Royalty-Free Kalimba Samples, sorted for your own use

  • Minimal setup

  • A read-me file that I would greatly appreciate you taking a look at =]

Tonepath aims to bring music to the people in order to bring the people to music. In keeping with that philosophy - I provide this all to you absolutely free, and royalty-free. COMPLETELY ROYALTY FREE! You are free to use these materials for your own projects including those for commercial gain, and you owe us nothing, (to protect our ability to continue providing this material to users we retain full rights to the source material).

Please enjoy this pack and the wonderful sounds you can create. While this pack is free, we do have a suggested price on this pack of $5 but please, it is freely yours if you'd like. I would not want to hurt the pocket book of a musician unnecessarily, I do this because I want musicians to thrive. Any amount, even nothing, is sincerely appreciated with my utmost gratitude because sharing musical work is what it's all about. Enjoy the pack!

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